Radiant health is within reach.

By treating all aspects of being – body, mind, and spirit – acupuncture can restore your body’s natural capacity to heal, and set you on the path to radiant health. 


Relieving pain, easing suffering, alleviating illness, and strengthening infirmity. Whether affecting body, mind, or spirit, my goal is to not only empower your body’s natural capacity to heal, but to set you on the path toward cultivating wellness and longevity, and living a fuller, more authentic, and meaningful life.


For those who are willing...

Few people realize that acupuncture can treat a whole lot more than just pain.

Most people turn to acupuncture for pain. But for those who are willing, it has much more to offer. Of course it can be used for low back pain, tension headaches, or tennis elbow. But in the hands of a skilled practitioner, it can address long-term digestive disturbances, sleep problems, or gynecological imbalance. It can tackle the root causes of mental-emotional disturbances such as depression, anxiety, or even difficulty making decisions. It even has the potential to help one overcome challenges such as as the loss of life-direction, the search for meaning, or a desire to cultivate personal authenticity. 


It's nearly impossible to "cure" people.

Curing a cold is one thing. But curing chronic or functional illness is another issue. That’s why I’m so focused on the healing process. That and helping people recognize ways they may be contributing to their health situation. With time and commitment, real, lasting improvement is achievable.



A big-picture approach to treatment.

Symptoms are a sign of underlying imbalance. The questions I’m asking myself as I evaluate your situation include, “What’s driving your symptoms? Is the imbalance purely physical? Or is there an emotional or lifestyle component that needs to be addressed?” 

If the problem is purely physical, acupuncture may be all that’s needed. But if other factors are contributing, then lifestyle or other self-care guidance may be necessary. Teaching clients how to contribute to their own healing process is the most rewarding part of my work.

ABOUT  ━━━

Dedicated to helping you heal.

I began studying the Daoist healing arts in 2000, and have been in practice since 2005. I consider myself a general practitioner. The core of my clinical practice is acupuncture. 

But I get much more satisfaction from introducing people to, and educating them about, the principles and practices of the internal Daoist healing arts. I used to believe that helping people heal was one of the most noble things someone could do. But I’ve come to realize that helping them learn how to heal themselves is a much greater gift.