Acupuncture & Dao Living Arts

Helping people heal with acupuncture. Teaching them how to stay healthy via the principles and practices of the Daoist healing arts. 


Help people heal with acupuncture. Teach them how to stay healed, as well as how to cultivate wellness, promote longevity, and live fuller, more authentic lives via the principles and practices of the Daoist healing arts. 


Acupuncture: Quick and effective, yet gentle and holistic.

For those in need of immediate, one-on-one attention, acupuncture can provide prompt relief for any number of problems. 

The core of my clinical practice is acupuncture. Whether you’re suffering from physical conditions such as an aching back, long-term digestive dysfunction, or infertility; psycho-emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, or incapacitating self-doubt; or even spiritual concerns such as the loss of life direction, the search for meaning, or a desire to cultivate personal authenticity, there’s a really good chance I can help.

The most rewarding part...

Is teaching those I work with how to actively participate in their own healing process using the principles and practices of the Daoist healing and wellness arts. 


A complete system for healthy living.

The Daoist living arts are an ancient, cohesive, tried-and-true system to not only cultivate health, wellness, and longevity, but ultimately foster greater connection with your own authenticity, manifest your full potential, and achieve greater spiritual awareness. They’re based on the premise that illness results from blockage or imbalance of our own, internal functions. Our symptoms are manifestations of these imbalances. By correcting the imbalances we not only alleviate the symptoms, we actually empower our natural capacity to heal. 

My goal is to provide the tools, resources, and courses to help you learn about the Daoist living arts. I want to show you how to integrate them into your lifestyle, and how you can use them to restore and optimize health, promote wellness and longevity, and ultimately live a more satisfying and meaningful life.

ABOUT  ━━━

Dedicated to helping you heal.

I began studying the Daoist healing arts in 2000, and have been in practice since 2005. I consider myself a general practitioner. The core of my clinical practice is acupuncture. 

But I get much more satisfaction from introducing people to, and educating them about, the principles and practices of the internal Daoist healing arts. I used to believe that helping people heal was one of the most noble things someone could do. But I’ve come to realize that helping them learn how to heal themselves is a much greater gift.