Restoring your innate capacity to heal.

Providing tailor-made, holistic solutions to a broad spectrum of medical and wellness-care issues.

Let's help you heal!

A fully-trained and -licensed acupuncturist and traditional Chinese healing arts practitioner, I’ve been helping people heal since 2005. With a focus on optimizing and harmonizing body, mind, and spirit, my goal is to relieve pain, alleviate suffering, and foster wellness by restoring your body’s innate capacity to heal. 

Together we’ll dig deep to understand the issues underlying your problems, and I’m committed to helping you solve them.

Holistic Solutions To A Broad Spectrum of Healthcare Issues

Most people turn to acupuncture for physical complaints. But for those who are willing, it has much more to offer. It’s certainly capable of addressing the pain of tennis elbow or an aching back. But it can also address progressively deeper issues, such as long-term digestive dysfunction, chronic sleep problems, or gynecological imbalances. It can address the root causes of psycho-emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, or chronic anger. It even has the potential to help one overcome issues such as incapacitating self-doubt, childhood or adult trauma issues, or the loss of life-direction. 

Here are just a fraction of the issues acupuncture can treat.

Back & Joint Pain
Chronic Fatigue
Digestive Disorders
Anxiety & Depression
Weak Immunity

Most chronic conditions result from internal imbalance. The doctor’s task is to determine the imbalance’s origin. By correcting the imbalance, harmony is restored and your body heals itself.

Dedicated to
helping you heal.

Licensed to practice in the state of California, I have experience successfully treating a broad spectrum of conditions. I guess you could call me a general practitioner. And though my core training is in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), I consider myself a practitioner of Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM). At it’s core, my work is focused on balancing and integrating body, mind, and spirit. I place a strong emphasis on the psycho-emotional aspect of illness.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.