World-class training, and over 15 years of clinical experience.

A fully-trained and -licensed acupuncturist and Chinese traditional healing arts practitioner, I’ve been helping people heal since 2005. With a focus on optimizing and harmonizing body, mind, and spirit, my goal is to relieve pain, alleviate suffering, and foster wellness by restoring your body’s innate capacity to heal.

Why Daoist healing and wellness arts?

I’ve dreamed of being a doctor since I was a kid. The ability to help people heal, overcome suffering, and live better lives is what heroes are made of. But by the time I was ready to make a decision about what kind of medicine to study, or where, I had come to the realization that the medicine I grew up with did little more than suppress symptoms, and put money in the coffers of drug companies. The idea that there might be some greater issue underlying the illnesses people were experiencing was given little thought.

Yes, bio-medicine excelled at dealing with acute trauma and environmentally contracted disease, but the concepts of integration and holism seemed of little value. The specialties that seemed to make the most effort to get at underlying causes were in the areas of psychology and mental health. But even those were only addressing part of any given patient’s problems. 

Intuitively, and rather unconsciously, I came to the conclusion that Western medicine’s reductionist, mechanical approach was flawed. I sensed a connectedness within, and between, each of us that bio-medicine just didn’t seem capable of recognizing.

Then I was introduced to Chinese medicine. I immediately resonated with its view that all aspects of being – body, mind, and spirit – are interconnected and interdependent, as well as the premise that a primary driver of  disease could be found within us, in our emotions. And because Chinese medicine is rooted in the ancient theories and practices of Daoism, it’s ultimately about the rediscovery of our authentic self. This medicine spoke to my heart. It has become my passion. Do I feel like a hero? No, not really. But I do feel as if I found myself on a hero’s journey.

Doug Crawford, L.Ac.

L.Ac. stands for Licensed Acupuncturist. It’s a professional designation conferred by the State of California after passing its grueling licensing exam.

Fully-trained and -licensed in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, the primary focus of my clinical work is acupuncture. Per California standards, the core of my training is in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). However, I realized early in my studies that I was attracted to the older, classical literature-based teachings known as Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM). CCM is a broader, more patient-empowering approach than the more modernized TCM system. 

I consider myself a general practitioner and have experience treating a broad spectrum of issues, from the physical, to the psycho-emotional, to the spiritual. However, I have particular interest and experience with digestive disorders, women’s reproductive health issues, and psycho-emotional problems.

As a clinician, I’m particularly interested in the relationships between our mental-emotional and spiritual states, and the development of physical illness. Even Western medicine has recognized that our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, expectations and behaviors can make us sick. 


  • California Acupuncture Board, 2005. License #: AC10854.
  • Maryland State Board of Acupuncture, 2006. License #: U01489. Expired.


  • Master’s Degree: Traditional Oriental Medicine. Emperor’s College, Los Angeles, California. 2005.
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts: Electronic Media. University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio. 1995.


Beyond the restoration of health.

By evaluating the full range of physical, psycho-emotional, social, spiritual and environmental influences that affect one’s health, I strive to go beyond the treatment of symptoms to address the underlying causes of illness. My goal is to work collaboratively with you, and any other healthcare providers you may be working with, to not only heal illness and infirmity, but to help you regain and maintain optimum health, cultivate wellness, and foster longevity.