Acupuncturist and Dao healing arts nerd.

Fully-trained and -licensed, I’ve been helping people heal since 2005. Based in Bangkok, Thailand.

A Safe Healing Space

It all starts with a safe, nurturing healing space. My office is located in a spacious, serene apartment in Bangkok’s Sathorn Road area that also serves as my residence. Just minutes from the Chong Nonsi Skytrain station, the single, serene, second-floor treatment room is rich with teak-wood floors and surprisingly quiet given its proximity to the city center. For those who don’t feel comfortable working one-on-one with a male practitioner, you’re welcome to bring a friend or family member to keep an eye on you.

A single practitioner, a single treatment room. In these most simple surroundings, working with one patient per hour, I strive to provide gentle, effective, and holistic health care with the highest standards of professionalism and compassion.

Guiding Principles

Rooted in ancient Daoist philosophy, the traditional Chinese healing arts views the totality of the Universe as an energy system. And each of us is an energetic system within that greater system. All aspects of being – body, mind, and spirit – are assumed to be interconnected, with each influencing and balancing the others. Likewise, we are also connected to, and impacted by, the world around us. Imbalance among and between any of these aspects sets the stage for dis-ease. Unlike Western thought, which attempts to separate man from nature and disease from the individual, the Chinese healing arts emphasize a unified approach that treats the whole person. Three core principles form the foundation for all of our work together.


All aspects of being – body, mind, and spirit – are inter-related, inter-connected, and inter-dependent. Imbalance in any one aspect will necessarily affect all of the others. By treating one we treat them all. 


Illness results from internal imbalance. By understanding the relationships between the various aspects of being, and restoring internal balance, a skilled practitioner facilitates the healing process.


The symptoms of imbalance are called the branch. The imbalance itself is the root. When the root is properly addressed, the symptoms simply cease to exist. Functional modalities always strive to find root causes.

Doug Crawford, L.Ac.

L.Ac. stands for Licensed Acupuncturist. It’s a professional designation conferred by the State of California after passing its grueling licensing exam.

Fully-trained and -licensed in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, the primary focus of my clinical work is acupuncture. Per California standards, the core of my training is in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). However, I realized early in my studies that I was attracted to the older, classical literature-based teachings known as Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM). CCM is a broader, more patient-empowering approach than the more modernized TCM system. 

I consider myself a general practitioner and have experience treating a broad spectrum of issues, from the physical, to the psycho-emotional, to the spiritual. However, I have particular interest and experience with digestive disorders, women’s reproductive health issues, and psycho-emotional problems.

As a clinician, I’m particularly interested in the relationships between our mental-emotional and spiritual states, and the development of physical illness. Even Western medicine has recognized that our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, expectations and behaviors can make us sick. 


  • California Acupuncture Board, 2005. License #: AC10854.
  • Maryland State Board of Acupuncture, 2006. License #: U01489. Expired.


  • Master’s Degree: Traditional Oriental Medicine. Emperor’s College, Los Angeles, California. 2005.
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts: Electronic Media. University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio. 1995.


Beyond The Restoration Of Health

By evaluating the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences that affect one’s health, I strive to go beyond the treatment of symptoms to address the underlying causes of illness. My goal is to work collaboratively with you, and any other healthcare providers you may be working with, to not only heal illness and infirmity, but to help you regain and maintain optimum health, cultivate wellness, and foster longevity.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.