American-trained and -licensed. In practice for nearly 15 years.

A fully-trained and -licensed acupuncturist and Chinese traditional healing arts practitioner, I’ve been helping people heal since 2005.


American-trained and -licensed. In practice for nearly 15 years.

A fully-trained and -licensed acupuncturist and Chinese traditional healing arts practitioner, I’ve been helping people heal since 2005.


Through the thoughtful application of the principles and modalities of the Daoist healing and wellness arts, I endeavor to facilitate the restoration of health for those who suffer from illness, disease, injury, or infirmity; the cultivation of wellness for those who want to move toward a state of greater physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual well-being; and the promotion of longevity for those who want to live longer, more fulfilling and authentic lives.

Chinese medicine training in America.

Potential clients often ask whether the training in acupuncture and Chinese medicine offered in America is comparable to that of China. The short answer is yes, it is. And it has been since the early 1980s. Following is a quick primer on the state of Chinese medicine education offered in the U.S. 

America is home to over 60 fully-accredited acupuncture and Chinese medicine training institutions. In California, as with most of the country, the study of Chinese medicine is at the Master’s degree level. Programs require four years of study, and include a minimum of 2000 hours of classroom study, and 1000 hours of supervised, hands-on clinical training.

With the most stringent standards for training, California programs are modeled after the elite schools in China. But most go a step further by integrating material from the many different areas where Chinese medicine has evolved, such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, even Southeast Asia. 

California is also the only state that requires students to master all aspects of Chinese medicine. These include the foundational principles upon which the entire system is based, as well as specific theories and techniques of acupuncture, herbal medicine, bodywork, nutrition, and exercise. Fully one-third of the classes are dedicated to the study of Western medicine. 

Education & Training

I received my Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine (M.T.O.M.) degree from Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine. One of the top-ranked and oldest acupuncture schools in the U.S., Emperor’s is home to a fully accredited, four-year Master’s degree program in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. It’s located in the Los Angeles suburb of Santa Monica, California. I completed my degree in the spring of 2005, passed the California Acupuncture Licensing Exam six months later, and have been in practice ever since.

Per California standards, the core of my training is in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). However, I realized early in my studies that I was attracted to the older, classical literature-based teachings known as Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM). CCM is a broader, more patient-empowering approach than the more modernized TCM system.


  • Master’s Degree: Traditional Oriental Medicine. Emperor’s College, Los Angeles, California. 2005.
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts: Electronic Media. University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio. 1995.


L.Ac. stands for Licensed Acupuncturist. It’s a professional designation conferred by the State of California after passing its grueling licensing exam.

I consider myself a general practitioner, and have experience treating a broad spectrum of issues, from the physical, to the psycho-emotional, to the spiritual. However, I have particular interest and experience with digestive disorders, women’s reproductive health issues, and psycho-emotional problems.

As a clinician, I’m particularly interested in the relationships between our mental-emotional and spiritual states, and the development of physical illness. Even Western medicine has recognized that our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, expectations and behaviors can make us sick.


  • California Acupuncture Board, 2005. License #: AC10854.
  • Maryland State Board of Acupuncture, 2006. License #: U01489. Expired.