With a thorough, patient-centered approach to diagnosis and treatment, my goal is not to “fix” you, but to empower your whole being – body, mind, and spirit – to heal itself.


A patient-centered approach to healing and wellness.

My approach is very individualized. I work from a single treatment room in a serene, spacious apartment that also serves as my residence. I see one client per hour, and generally see only five or six clients per day. 

No matter what your overarching issue, every time we meet we’ll talk about where you are since our last session. Your input is what guides treatment. This way, each and every treatment can be custom-tailored to where you are at the moment. We’ll work together as a team.


The Process

The best way to help you understand my approach is to walk you through the treatment process.

The Four Pillars

Understanding the underlying cause of your issue/s is imperative for successful treatment. Getting to the root of your problem means I need to get to know you. So we’ll spend nearly half of the initial 80-minute meeting doing just that.

This process is known as The Four Pillars. We’ll start with your chief complaint. Then we’ll look at various aspects of your life-style, routines, and habits. We’ll review your history, as well as your family’s history. Then we’ll do a few diagnostic tests.

The purpose of all of this is two-fold. First, I need a clear picture of the your overall health status. Second, I need to get a sense of the imbalances underlying your current signs and symptoms. Chinese medicine endeavors to treat root causes. When the root imbalances are corrected, the symptoms simply cease to exist.

Therapeutic Plan

As you’re telling me your story, I’ll be weaving all of the pieces of the puzzle you’re providing together, according to the paradigms of the Chinese healing arts. From this I’ll develop a cohesive treatment plan. This will serve as the template upon which all of our subsequent work together will be based. Even if we’re working on another problem, the initial treatment plan will still serve as the foundation of our work.  

The second half of the initial appointment is reserved for your 25-minute acupuncture treatment.

Tailor-Made Treatment

Two people with the same issue can have completely different underlying imbalances. And each will likely require very different treatment approaches to resolve. My job is to be able to discern these differences, and choose the proper treatment for your situation. I must also be able to infer what particular treatment is appropriate for you at that specific moment in time. 

But why go to all that bother? As your body heals, it changes ever so subtly. In order to keep you progressing, treatment must be adapted to these changes. So every time we meet we’ll spend a few minutes chatting about how you felt after the last session. We’ll also touch on where you are at the moment. 

Treatment Frequency

I see patients at least once per week for anywhere from several weeks to several months. Patients with severe symptoms may require twice weekly treatments for at least a few weeks to get things under control. Once any crisis is averted, they usually switch to one treatment per week. Treatment more often generally results in quicker resolution of your problem.


How long will it take?

As a rule of thumb, expect about one month of acupuncture treatment for every year that you’ve been dealing with any given issue. For example, if you’ve been suffering from digestive issues for 10 years, the reality is that it’s probably going to take upwards of a year’s worth of weekly treatments to correct. 

The amount of time required will depend upon the severity, complexity, and duration of your problem/s, as well as your responsiveness to treatment. Acupuncture is gentle and holistic, but it’s also cumulative, so treatment is going to take time, patience, and commitment. Even the most basic situations will likely require a minimum of 12 weekly treatments to show lasting improvement.